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DAY 1257. On the last day I traveled into Santa Fe before I began my part in this thing we’re all calling social distancing, I drove along the river within our valley and watched a bald eagle catch a current of air above. This great bird, one of my personal animal guides, was the first one I have ever seen in my life, though I have heard of their residency from neighbors for years, just down the road from where we live. I was so thrilled to witness this magnificent being as he or she soared at the height of the river-lined mesa top, that I pulled the car off the road immediately, jumped out, and stood stunned and smiling at the sky for as long as I could see before the bird flew too far over the mesa for me to follow. I took it as a profound omen, though I knew not what it meant at the time— over five weeks ago and a world away. Looking back from here, I have a better idea of why my totem was offering such pointed medicine. Eagle teaches us how to soar high above the fray of the world, to see with the aerial view, and to cultivate of the broader perspective. She gifts us with courage and trust to lean into the unknown, and trains us eaglets to be great leaders in our own right. ▿▿▿ TODAY’S FORM ❘ Eagle Wings ❘ Practice this form to cultivate a broader perspective, effortless clarity, courage, and trust to lean into the unknown. THE QIGONG LESSON FILMS ❘ Learn Eagle Wings Qigong in detail by moving through the full-length lesson film: Pay what you like + become a patron ❘ What you get: Access to an entire library of Qigong forms that I lead you through step by step, a new Qigong Lesson Film bi-monthly, + monthly support to help you keep up your home practice ▿▿▿ THE EVERYDAY GONGFU FILMS ❘ This project, documenting my daily practice, has been published on Instagram for almost three and a half years. I’m currently taking a rest from social media, to retreat from IG, to detox myself from its influence, and to allow myself space for fresh growth. Even though I’m not posting there this month, you can still find 1240 daily practice movies @kwanyinkungfu or https://www.instagram.com/kwanyinkungfu/ ▿▿▿ MY FOREVER GRATITUDE FOR YOUR SUPPORT ❘ Dearest Patrons, thank you so much for your support. In so many ways it carries me, lifts me up, encourages me, and fires me up to keep making, sharing, feeling, and living as deeply as I can. May we all have the blessing (for it is our right) to receive reciprocity for our art in ways that sustain our health, peace, joy, and fulfillment in this life. ▿▿▿ SHARING DISCLAIMER: All material shared by Brea is intended to assist others in their personal development and home study only. In responsibility to the lineage, no teaching permissions are granted. Should one share— via social media or otherwise— their personal practice of forms and/or teachings learned from Brea, clear citation must be made. MEDICAL DISCLAIMER:  The information provided here is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. Copyright © 2020 by Brea Fisher, all rights reserved.