Drone Photography   SUBMIT

Vince Danet has kindly edited down for you some of his aerial shots of Mandahl taken Dec. 19, 2019. In this video he focused on Brown Pelcans, Mullets and Spotted Eagle Rays. View the video a couple times. You will see something new each viewing. • What can you observe about Eco-system conditions? • Can you see any patterns in life behavior and movement? • Does water flow, direction and turbidity indicate where certain life may be and how they behave? • Fry are not visible in the brackish water area's current sate, but there are signs of fry presence. Can you spot the fry activity? • Can you spot the Alpha mullet of the school? • Can you find the Tarpon? Hint: (300 x = 5 y). A free golden Like to the first spotter!