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Filmmaker and aerial cinematographer www.perfectviewproductions.co.uk I live in Scotland and film a lot here. Every so often I head abroad on a job to film in exotic places. So I thought I should stick together a short montage of some of the work abroad I have been involved with. We start in Antarctica with some mates climbing while working as a polar guide for British Antarctic Survey. Then to Sweden with Flying for Freedom who train injured and wounded service people how to fly microlights and get them to organise expeditions. This was training for an Antarctic trip. Check out their website for other films https://flyingforfreedom.org Next is Sardinia and filming Gino with ITV This Morning. This was great fun as Gino is a right laugh and we were in the Mediterranean filming haha. I was filming on the ground as DOP here also as we made a cooking show. The Lake District next in England filming maybe not as exotic but pretty cool place with 4 other drone crews to capture the sheep being taken in from Scafell pike. We had some interesting weather here too and took many long shots my longest shot was 14mins. This was what they wanted for slow television. Quite interesting keeping a shot continuously visually attractive for that length of time:) Faroe Islands is next on a job with NHK Japan, we had pretty mixed weather as you'd expect with somewhere further north than Scotland with sea completely surrounding it. Also went to Guernsey and Sark Island in the Channel Islands on the same job which was much sunnier. Had to fly from Georges boat on Sark as the government had only given us permission to fly over water and not on the island itself. This made for interesting taking off and hand catching with the Inspire 2 with X7 camera. Mallorca is next where I filmed with Dickson Minto during a road biking event. A stunning place to go road cycling and lovely weather:) South Africa next where I filmed some of Table mountain, a friends wedding out on western Cape (I was just filming for fun not doing a wedding video) then to Clint and Ruth's farm near Durban where I filmed the Lemon harvest and took a bunch of pictures of the fields from the air to see the quality of the orchard. pretty cool to see what is involved in getting Lemons over to us. Nepal and the village of Reipe, a very special place and my first time to Asia. Here I was filming ground and air with Gerry of Thunderdragon fund on a documentary. I also filmed in Scotland for this same documentary. Check out https://thunderdragonfund.org for updates on this documentary coming out or to see the first in the trilogy. Then back to Antarctica one of my favourite places, so features twice. Here I film a bit with Scott driving the Tucker snow-cat and also climbing a mountain called Stork while we were out recording Snow petrel nests with a scientist in the area. Hope you enjoy, I certainly loved filming it all:) The filming was done using the DJI Inspire 2 with X7 Camera, the DJI Mavic 2 pro and I think there are a few shots from the older DJI Mavic pro.